Condensation Solutions
Condensation Control and Prevention


Condensation, Mould and Mildew are extremely underestimated problems.

Condensation Mould and Mildew are
Destructive, Unsightly and Harmful to Health.

What is Condensation

Condensation is in itself the process during which moisture laden air converts from vapour (moisture carried in air) into liquid form. This happens when warm humid air comes into contact with cooler surfaces and reaches dew point, once condensed liquid (usually in the form of tiny droplets) is left on the cooler surface. 

What causes condensation

Condensation is caused in domestic situations by moisture entering the air in an enclosed environment of a property. The moisture is introduced from things such as cooking, showering, baths, kettles, drying clothes on radiators, leaks etc etc. Humans give out moisture in their breath, we emit about 4 pints of moisture per day (around 30 pints per week). A five person household can generate about 10kg of water through condensation every day. The vapour becomes concentrated where their is a lack of ventilation or air changes. This is more common in modern properties because they are generally more airtight.

Condensation Mould and Mildew

When condensation forms within your property it creates a damp film across the cooler surfaces of internal walls, furnishings and decoration within your home. This dampness creates an ideal environment for moulds to take hold and grow. The molds develop from spores which float in the air around us like miniature plant seeds that plant themselves on the damp surfaces and grow. The molds which develop in these damp conditions are varied, they range from mildew - a pale greeny/yellowy/light brown coloured mould that is almost like a downy texture growing often in poorly ventilated areas such as cupboards, to black spot moulds growing out in open areas of rooms or wherever they can find enough moisture to propagate. 

Condensation damage to property

When condensation mould grows on a surface it is similar to a plant, it takes hold in the moist environment and grows, in the early stages it can be fairly easily removed with a bleach solution on a cloth, however once it becomes more established it grows into the surface of the material it has formed upon and the damage becomes more permanent and will not be simply wiped away. It is at this stage that the condensation is causing damage to the surfaces of the furniture and decorations of your property.

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